Medavie Cares for Phoenix Youth

Medavie Blue Cross team members are holding a campaign to collect personal hygiene items in creating care kits for Phoenix youth!

As a not-for-profit organization, Medavie believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work.

"From supporting mental health programs, to preparing meals and care kits for youth, we’re proud to support Phoenix Youth Programs and to be part of their 30 for 30 campaign, because #youthmatter." - Patty Faith, Executive Director, Medavie Health Foundation.

Movie Night Under The Stars

Each year in September the Archibald family hosts, at their home in Fall River, " Movie Night Under The Stars" .

It originally started as a bed sheet hanging off the deck, a projector and small set of speakers with a few friends and neighbours. Five years later they now use a 20 x 30 ft white tarp set up against the side of the house and 1000 watt speakers. The crowd has grown to a 100 plus. They have tons of hot chocolate and popcorn to share. Their three girls absolutely love the tradition and people look forward to it every year. 

"We originally heard about Phoenix through our church in Fall River. We have three beautiful, loving and kind daughters and to ever think of them on their own without support would be tragic. Phoenix Youth Programs is something we feel the need to support because we want somewhere for young people to go in case of a crisis in their lives. All of the people that come to our movie night have young kids and are happy to support something local in our community," Steve & Julie Archibald.


Scotiabank Champions the Celebration

Scotiabank has built a strong relationship with Phoenix, and that’s something we’re proud of. At Scotiabank, our aim is to support organizations that are committed to helping young people reach their #InfinitePotential and Phoenix has been doing that for 30 years. Supporting their 30th celebration is our way of saying, thank you, Phoenix, for 30 years of making #youthmatter.

"Bits" Makes a Big Difference!

We are supporting Phoenix by donating in-kind web services that help promote their 30th year online. We've built out new sections of their website to showcase their Phoenix Journey and Phoenix Folks initiatives which serve as online hubs for stories being shared through their social channels. 

"In getting to know the team at Phoenix and falling in love with their amazing contributions to our city, it was a simple decision to get involved in helping them celebrate 30 years of empowering youth. Small contributions like these make up some of the most important work that we do." - Ian Bezanson, President, Bits Creative Agency

Land & Sea for Community

The Adventure Get-Away Package: "Land & Sea for Community"

"In celebration of the 30 years that Phoenix has dedicated to supporting youth, my friend Tracy O'Brien and I want to join forces to pay it forward. We've created a two day "Land and Sea for Community" get-away adventure package to the lucky winner of a ticket draw. By reaching out to our networks of family and friends we hope to raise awareness forPhoenix and it's incredible impact along with funds to support more youth and their families in their journey to thrive!" - Lisa Tilley, Partner at Uprise Consulting, Phoenix Board of Directors and Trustee.

INCREDIBLE Package, valued at $650, Includes:

*        Two nights at the "Cedar Cottage" - a two bedroom cottage with ocean view of beautiful Ketch Harbour (close to Halifax and Crystal Crescent Beach).

*         Boat cruise and tour of Sambro Harbour, Crystal Crescent Beach and Sambro Light (the oldest operating lighthouse in the Americas!). Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres on board.

The package can be redeemed between June 1, 2018 & October 31, 2018 based on availability. 

Tickets: $30 each or 3 for $80

To purchase, contact Lisa Tilley (902) 497-4731 or Tracy O'Brien (902) 489-0651

Draw will take place on October 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM, 1151 Ketch Harbour Rd., Ketch Harbour, NS

"From the first time I heard the Phoenix Community Choir at the Phoenix Holiday Luncheon and a youth's inspirational story of personal growth, development and resilience through crisis, I knew I had to help further the Phoenix Youth cause. It's simple really - our youth matter. They are our emerging leaders, our future and nothing could be more important than making sure that they have opportunities, more choices and a line of sight to a better tomorrow"- Lisa.

House Rules

Land & Sea for Community Raffle

Phoenix Youth Programs (July 25-October 1, 2017)

Licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Division, Lottery License Number: AGD-103679-17

A copy of the following House Rules will be made available in full on the Land & Sea for Community webpage. As well, all ticket purchasers will be able to review the set of House Rules at time of purchase or any time before the draw by contacting the ticket sellers or referring to the webpage.

These House Rules will be read aloud prior to the ticket draw on October 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM AT.

The draw will be made at:

Cedar Cottage

1151 Ketch Harbour Road

Ketch Harbour, NS   B3V 1K9

All ticket purchasers will retain a portion of their ticket at the time of purchase. The purchaser’s portion will contain the webpage link, contact information for Phoenix, time and date and location of the draw, the words “licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Division” together with the assigned license, the price per ticket or group of tickets (1 for $30, 3 for $80), as well as the individual ticket number.

The other portion of the ticket will contain the purchaser’s name, email, phone number and home address, as well as the individual ticket number. This part of each ticket will be placed into a large receptacle. On October 1, 2017 at 11:58 AM AT these house rules will be read aloud at the address above with at least three people present. Then one person present who has NOT purchased a ticket will draw one ticket, which will be the winning ticket for the full prize package.

Phoenix Youth Programs staff members and their immediate families are not permitted to purchase tickets.

At minimum, 50% or 50 tickets must be sold prior to the draw. If this number is not sold, a draw date extension will be requested and all ticket purchasers to that date will be informed by phone or email.

The winner will be contacted by phone and then an email will be sent to confirm the win in writing. Contact information will be exchanged with the boat tour guide and the cottage rental agent for booking purposes.

In the unlikely circumstance that the winner cannot be located after 90 days, a second draw will be conducted.

Cash will not be provided in lieu of prizes.

In the unlikely event that the draw is cancelled, all funds will be reimbursed to ticket purchasers.

Honouring Grade A Teachers

In May, Dartmouth’s Robert Hammer was honoured with a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence! He was nominated by some very special students at Musquodoboit Rural High School and was one of ten successful recipients from across Canada.

Robert is the son-in-law of the chair of Phoenix board of trustees, Deborah Woolway. She sees the critical partnerships Phoenix has with our local schools and the importance of teachers and Phoenix staff working together to support youth in achieving their learning goals. As a family, they decided to make a $3,000 donation to Phoenix in honour of Robert’s achievement and in recognition of Phoenix’s 30th year.

We are proud of Robert and wanted to celebrate his work, our young people, and the special connection they often form with teachers who go above and beyond.  We see the positive results of Phoenix working closely with teachers – it takes a village. We hope those who have been inspired by an extraordinary teacher will also consider making a donation in their honour during this very special year.”

Know an amazing teacher? Give a gift from the heart by donating to Phoenix in their honour. We can send a card to inform them of the donation and thank them for the difference they are making in the lives of youth: CLICK HERE

NATIONAL's 30 for 30 Digital Tag

At NATIONAL, we believe deeply in Phoenix’s work – their programs help support thousands of people in our communities. We’re proud to support the Phoenix team as they celebrate 30 years of dedication to youth and their families in Halifax. In order to help them mark this important milestone, we wanted to help spread the word about their 30 for 30 campaign, by reaching out to our clients, friends and neighbours. We’re excited to launch a a month-long game of digital “tag” – where we’ll be inviting 30 organizations across Halifax to do something special and supportive for Phoenix.

Programming Supplies Drive

The Canadian Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis is collecting new and gently used items for their Phoenix Programming Supplies Drive! The group is looking for donations of items such as bus passes, gift cards for movies, sport balls, craft supplies, musical instruments, Canada Games Centre passes and more to assist the Phoenix Staff in their amazing programs for the youth! 

“The Canadian Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis has a long history of supporting Phoenix through the annual Progress Women of Excellence Awards and volunteerism! The club is thrilled to assist Phoenix's programming activities as we know how important these activities are to the youth!”

30 Clicks for Phoenix

Combining his Love of Running with his Love for Phoenix, long time staff member Mike Butler will be running 30 kms during the Bluenose Weekend in the hopes to raise $100 per km to reach the $3,000 goal.  This will be achieved by a 4 km run on May 18th with the Phoenix Run Club leading into the Bluenose Weekend followed up with the 5K Bluenose Run on the 20th and then his first ever half marathon (21K) on May 21st.   Not unlike the many challenges faced by Phoenix Youth every day Mike feels that with hard work and the support of those around him he will be able to achieve this goal.  We invite you to help by sponsoring these runs by going to his fundraising page to make a donation.

Link to my fundraising page

"Several years ago I got back into running to help improve my overall health.  During this time I have come to learn that with the right state of mind and a commitment to never quit anything is possible.  So too is the amazing inner strength of the youth find their way to Phoenix.  Regardless of the issues and obstacles they face I am inspired by their incredible resilience and this sense of hope that it will get better.  As my tribute to the incredible youth at Phoenix I wanted to do something outside of my day to day work and take on something new that will test me. Not only I will be running 30 kms over 4 days but I will be participating in my first ever half marathon. I hope you will consider offering your support by helping me raise funds.  There is a quote I have over my desk that states – Make yourself stronger than your excuses – with my participation in my 30 for 30 project I promise no excuses and with your support we can help youth in need become stronger”.

Mike's Training Schedule!

Mike's Training Schedule!

Sing your heart out

Every second Monday 'The Big Sing' invites community crooners, regardless of perfect pitch, to come sing a song together.

The Big Sing team, including Jack Bennet, Phoenix's Choir Director and Conductor of the Big Sing,  hosted 'The BIG 30th SING' in support of Phoenix's special 30th milestone. Everyone was welcome to sing on March 27 at St. Andrew's Church. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and donations of $20 were accepted at the door.

“Supporting Phoenix was an easy decision for the team at The Big Sing. Phoenix builds community in the most vulnerable places in our society, and has been making Halifax a better place for 30th years. At Phoenix, everyone is seen in a similar light – with the ability for greatness. At The Big Sing, we encourage this philosophy as well through our collective music-making. Forging community is one of greatest motivations, and we couldn’t be more honoured to join with Phoenix to help support them in this work!”

Sing your heart out!

The Big Sing, is hosting 'The Big 30th Sing' in support of Phoenix's 30th year!

When: March 27th
Where: St. Andrew's United Church
Doors: 6:30 PM
Start time: 7:00 PM
Song: Let it Be 

By donation: adults $20; kids 2-12 $10; kids under 2 free  

Click to see The Big Sing in action.

Make a night of it! 

Go for supper beforehand with a group of friends or colleagues; bring the kids; grab a coffee with new friends you'll meet after The Sing!

RSVP: Facebook or

Michael DeVenney's Journey Campaign

Michael's own lived experiences with mental health have shaped who he is.

His 30 for 30 effort, the Journey Campaign, reflects that perspective. As an ambassador for mental health awareness, Michael sees his journey in the stories of our youth, and understands how challenging it would be to access mental health support without adequate resources. So he'll be working with us to share inspirational stories, and reaching out to his contacts to share our work and raise support, challenging people to match a personal contribution he is making to Phoenix.

For more information, click here.

"What impresses me most about the youth at Phoenix is their courage. For me, the courage to act like who I really was, to stand up, get moving and find help was so difficult that it did not occur to me until late in life. Many youth at Phoenix are already at this point, ready to make the changes necessary, but their progress is halted due to financial reasons. Today, I'm proud to be contributing my personal struggle with depression to help launch an initiative we're calling the Phoenix Journey Project. I hope by sharing my story, and raising funds, we can continue the fight against the stigma attached to mental health, especially surrounding the youth — our leaders of tomorrow." – Michael DeVenney.

Taking care with Grant Thornton

"At Grant Thornton, it’s simple -  we want to help those in our communities who need us and Phoenix Youth Programs is a powerful example of how a community can be enriched when people mobilize for a cause," Nicole Deveau, Grant Thornton LLP

The "Purplettes" team at Grant Thornton are challenging their colleagues to collect personal care items for Phoenix. Wherever the team traveled for business, they were encouraged to collect personal care products from their hotels and brought them home to Phoenix. Personal care products can be pricey, and ensuring our clients and community feel taken care of is an important part of mental well being. The team did this, and SO much more!

Show Your Purple! Whether bringing products back from frequent business trips, shopping from a list of items Phoenix regularly needs, or making financial donations, each office floor competed to see who could bring in the most for Phoenix from March 6-April 28!

Just look at all the items the team gathered, along with some help from Stantec! Purplettes rock!

Family and Friends of Phoenix

 Andrew and Christa Black hosted a wine and cheese in their home to bring awareness and funds to Phoenix! It was a fun night with friends, where Haus Musik played and Phoenix staff briefly shared their work and its impact.

“We are inspired by the work that this wonderful organization does in providing opportunities and supports for at-risk youth. We are delighted to play a small part in supporting this important mission.”

Andrew and Christa Black

Dine for Phoenix

When friend and member of Phoenix’s Board of Directors, Elizabeth Church told the Leon’s about Phoenix’s 30 for 30, they decided to join in. 

In April, Josh and Jill will be hosted a gathering of friends for food, drinks and fun at their home, all in support of Phoenix, raising $5,400! Josh even built a new table to accommodate all the guests!

"We learned about the great work Phoenix does, through friends Ann and Jim Hanlon, and we thought it was an important community organization that we wanted to support."