Movie Night Under The Stars

Each year in September the Archibald family hosts, at their home in Fall River, " Movie Night Under The Stars" .

It originally started as a bed sheet hanging off the deck, a projector and small set of speakers with a few friends and neighbours. Five years later they now use a 20 x 30 ft white tarp set up against the side of the house and 1000 watt speakers. The crowd has grown to a 100 plus. They have tons of hot chocolate and popcorn to share. Their three girls absolutely love the tradition and people look forward to it every year. 

"We originally heard about Phoenix through our church in Fall River. We have three beautiful, loving and kind daughters and to ever think of them on their own without support would be tragic. Phoenix Youth Programs is something we feel the need to support because we want somewhere for young people to go in case of a crisis in their lives. All of the people that come to our movie night have young kids and are happy to support something local in our community," Steve & Julie Archibald.