Michael DeVenney's Journey Campaign

Michael's own lived experiences with mental health have shaped who he is.

His 30 for 30 effort, the Journey Campaign, reflects that perspective. As an ambassador for mental health awareness, Michael sees his journey in the stories of our youth, and understands how challenging it would be to access mental health support without adequate resources. So he'll be working with us to share inspirational stories, and reaching out to his contacts to share our work and raise support, challenging people to match a personal contribution he is making to Phoenix.

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"What impresses me most about the youth at Phoenix is their courage. For me, the courage to act like who I really was, to stand up, get moving and find help was so difficult that it did not occur to me until late in life. Many youth at Phoenix are already at this point, ready to make the changes necessary, but their progress is halted due to financial reasons. Today, I'm proud to be contributing my personal struggle with depression to help launch an initiative we're calling the Phoenix Journey Project. I hope by sharing my story, and raising funds, we can continue the fight against the stigma attached to mental health, especially surrounding the youth — our leaders of tomorrow." – Michael DeVenney.