Feet for Phoenix - Sneaker Drive

Let’s get shoes on the feet of some amazing youth!

On July 14th and 15th Courtside Sneakers is collecting new and gently used sneakers (men’s  or women’s) to donate to Phoenix Youth Programs. With your donation you receive a discount on any men’s or women’s shoes or apparel!

When: July 14th & 15th

Drop off location: Courtside Sneakers - 6247 Quinpool Rd., Halifax, NS


·         One pair get 25% off

·         Two pairs get 25% off a second pair

·         Three pairs and get 50% off one pair

*Some exclusions apply, inquire in store for details

So come on in and switch out those shoes that are collecting dust for a fresh pair. And in the process give someone else that fresh pair feeling. It’s a feeling everyone deserves.

What does lightly used mean? See images below!

It’s important that the sneakers you donate are youth appropriate and can be worn without requiring alternations or improvements. If it’s something you wouldn’t be caught dead in, neither would anyone else. This stipulation will be strictly enforced.

Here is a brief list of what will not be accepted:

  •           Sneaker with holes in them
  •           Very very muddy sneakers
  •           Crocs
  •           Work boots
  •           High heels
  •           Flip flops
  •           Those Sketcher shoes that are supposed to shape your butt
  •           Cowboy boots
  •          Slippers

If you don't have any appropriate kicks to give right, but would still like to support Phoenix, click here!

Feet for Phoenix is the brainchild of Jesse Ingalls and Demetrious (Meech) Ferguson. Both are avid sneaker collectors and believe deeply in the vital roll good quality footwear should play in everyday life.  “There is nothing like looking down at your feet when you have on a crispy pair of sneakers. That sensation can go a long way in positively affecting every aspect of your life,” says Jesse.  Meech, the manager at Courtside sees nothing but upside. “This event should be fun and exciting. It'll be nice to see community members in the city give back to the kids who really need it.”

Although it didn’t take much convincing, many thanks go out to our gracious partner Courtside Sneakers. “We're thrilled to be a part of this awesome event.  Not only do we get to pass savings along to our very supportive community, but with their help we get to provide quality footwear for those who need it most.”

For more information or to learn how you can get involved contact Jesse Ingalls at jesse@jromain.ca or on Instagram @jro._