Land & Sea for Community

The Adventure Get-Away Package: "Land & Sea for Community"

"In celebration of the 30 years that Phoenix has dedicated to supporting youth, my friend Tracy O'Brien and I want to join forces to pay it forward. We've created a two day "Land and Sea for Community" get-away adventure package to the lucky winner of a ticket draw. By reaching out to our networks of family and friends we hope to raise awareness forPhoenix and it's incredible impact along with funds to support more youth and their families in their journey to thrive!" - Lisa Tilley, Partner at Uprise Consulting, Phoenix Board of Directors and Trustee.

INCREDIBLE Package, valued at $650, Includes:

*        Two nights at the "Cedar Cottage" - a two bedroom cottage with ocean view of beautiful Ketch Harbour (close to Halifax and Crystal Crescent Beach).

*         Boat cruise and tour of Sambro Harbour, Crystal Crescent Beach and Sambro Light (the oldest operating lighthouse in the Americas!). Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres on board.

The package can be redeemed between June 1, 2018 & October 31, 2018 based on availability. 

Tickets: $30 each or 3 for $80

To purchase, contact Lisa Tilley (902) 497-4731 or Tracy O'Brien (902) 489-0651

Draw will take place on October 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM, 1151 Ketch Harbour Rd., Ketch Harbour, NS

"From the first time I heard the Phoenix Community Choir at the Phoenix Holiday Luncheon and a youth's inspirational story of personal growth, development and resilience through crisis, I knew I had to help further the Phoenix Youth cause. It's simple really - our youth matter. They are our emerging leaders, our future and nothing could be more important than making sure that they have opportunities, more choices and a line of sight to a better tomorrow"- Lisa.

House Rules

Land & Sea for Community Raffle

Phoenix Youth Programs (July 25-October 1, 2017)

Licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Division, Lottery License Number: AGD-103679-17

A copy of the following House Rules will be made available in full on the Land & Sea for Community webpage. As well, all ticket purchasers will be able to review the set of House Rules at time of purchase or any time before the draw by contacting the ticket sellers or referring to the webpage.

These House Rules will be read aloud prior to the ticket draw on October 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM AT.

The draw will be made at:

Cedar Cottage

1151 Ketch Harbour Road

Ketch Harbour, NS   B3V 1K9

All ticket purchasers will retain a portion of their ticket at the time of purchase. The purchaser’s portion will contain the webpage link, contact information for Phoenix, time and date and location of the draw, the words “licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Division” together with the assigned license, the price per ticket or group of tickets (1 for $30, 3 for $80), as well as the individual ticket number.

The other portion of the ticket will contain the purchaser’s name, email, phone number and home address, as well as the individual ticket number. This part of each ticket will be placed into a large receptacle. On October 1, 2017 at 11:58 AM AT these house rules will be read aloud at the address above with at least three people present. Then one person present who has NOT purchased a ticket will draw one ticket, which will be the winning ticket for the full prize package.

Phoenix Youth Programs staff members and their immediate families are not permitted to purchase tickets.

At minimum, 50% or 50 tickets must be sold prior to the draw. If this number is not sold, a draw date extension will be requested and all ticket purchasers to that date will be informed by phone or email.

The winner will be contacted by phone and then an email will be sent to confirm the win in writing. Contact information will be exchanged with the boat tour guide and the cottage rental agent for booking purposes.

In the unlikely circumstance that the winner cannot be located after 90 days, a second draw will be conducted.

Cash will not be provided in lieu of prizes.

In the unlikely event that the draw is cancelled, all funds will be reimbursed to ticket purchasers.